University of Karachi

The Department Building

The Department building was designed by French architect and was one of the few initial departments built at the time of the inauguration of the campus. The building is located in th e heart of the campus surrounded by trees along with a well kept lawn. It is a double storeyed building which houses 22 rooms which includes Conference Room, Lecture Rooms, Labs, Seminar Libraries, Teacher Rooms, Office, Girls Common Room and Washrooms. The Department is well equipped with stand by power generator as well, to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity during study hours. See More

Dr Iqtidar Hussain Zaidi Digital Image Processing Lab

In the year 2016, the foundation for Prof. Dr. Iqtidar H. Zaidi Digital Image Processing Lab was laid by the chairman of the time, Prof. Dr. Jamil H. Kazmi, as an endeavour to provide the students with the best facilities. It consists of 34 state-of-the-art computers, five research kiosks, one Sun server, and multi-media with a capacity of 70 students. It is the only lab in the country with facilities of such prominence, thus effectively making it the largest Digital Image Processing lab in Pakistan. See More


GIS Lab was built in 2006 in the department which was then renovated in 2016 and equipped with better computers and other facilities comprising of 24 Computers, One Server, Multi-media and the lab can accommodate up to 50 pupils. See More

Seminar Library

The department of Geography is well equipped with thousands of books on different disciplines of Geography. The students are provided with a calm and serene environment to enhance their subject knowledge within the building. The newly added Fish aquarium will be an additional aid to make your mind and mood fresher for study. See More

Field Survey Instruments Store

This store room has a wide range of manual survey equipments to help the undergraduate students to master their learning of field surveys and map making. It also has necessary supplies for map making such as survey sheets, graph papers, butter sheets, which are provided to the students free of cost.

Remote Sensing Lab

Remote Sensing Lab of the department was also equipped with 10 Computers, eight Research kiosks and multimedia in 2016 in the name of provision of the best environment for learning to at least 30 students.


The Department has a total of 68 computers divided in the three labs mentioned above, along with Printers and other facilities such as scanners, 3 projectors (multimedia) and 3 projecting screens.
The Department has its own internet facility. Three Internet Broadband devices are fully functional in the department with one solely used for the DIP lab

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